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Courtney “Coko” Eason

Music and Entertainment Executive

Tech Entrepreneur

Event Planner and Promoter

Coach and Public Speaker

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About Me

About Me






(615) 768-9504


January 27


41 Peabody Street, Nashville, TN 37210


African American

I am a serial entrepreneur with over 12 years of professional experience in the field of Music/Entertainment. Beginning in 2010, I launched two music competitions that changed the face of Nashville’s music scene and expanded into several countries around the world. I was later nominated in Billboard’s 30 under 30 publication and also won Nashville’s 40 under 40 award in 2014. My events sparked a new start-up idea and I have now transitioned into the tech industry with my mobile app startup called MILK.

Developing and owning my own entertainment district is a long term goal of mine.  That is why I enrolled into  Real Estate Development School in 2013 to create an “Eat, Drink & Play” concept called “nashUP”. I was later given an Award of Distinction for this project and still plan to make it a reality in the near future

Right now my focus is scaling my mobile app startup while helping others through consulting, coaching and public speaking services.

What i can do



Event Coach

I have an online event planning school for entertainment entrepreneurs who are looking to take their events to the next level. I can teach you how to sell more tickets, get sponsors, crush your competition and scale your events worldwide.

Public Speaking

Diversity and Inclusion, Mobile Marketing, Music, Entertainment and Entrepreneurship are just a few of the topics that I can speak on for your next event. I love to inspire and make others aware of the endless amount of opportunities in their organizations.

Music Management

Although I'm not accepting any new clients at this time, developing talent and creating opportunities for musicians is my specialty. Artists are in need of guidance from professionals who know all sides of the music business: from placements to signing deals...I can help.

App Development

I am an App Concept Developer currently working on my own mobile app startup. With no coding experience, I'm still able to create unique apps with amazing business models, monetization strategies and growth hacking abilities. From UX/UI conceptual layouts to creative features...I'm confident in my abilities to develop successful apps. Especially those that are focused on Music, Entertainment, Events and Marketing.

My Work Experience



Experience :

Milk The Moment

2017 to present

Founder and CEO

Responsible for app design and feature development.  Also overseeing the creation of our business/revenue model, startup growth, operations, management, go-to-market strategy, team development, fundraising and more.

Soundtrack Ent, LLC

2012 to present

President and CEO

Overseer of all A&R and artist management initiatives. Responsible for all event concepts and event management, marketing and promotions.  Lastly, the lead creator and developer of entertainment venue projects.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing


United States Publishing Administrator

Assisted the 3 Vice Presidents of our admin department while also being responsible for managing the accounts of our songwriters from royalty distribution, publishing deal changes. unclaimed property, escheatment and client questions/concerns.

Education :

Middle TN State University


Recording Industry Major – Minor in Music

I graduated from MTSU with a Bachelors of Science in Music Business and minored in Music with a concentration in Percussion. While attending MTSU, I pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.  and was heavily involved in community service and mentoring youth.

University of TN Knoxville



Experienced one full year at UTK and learned it was not the perfect fit for me.  I quickly transferred to MTSU to study Music Business.

I am good at

My Skill

My Skill

My Professional Strengths

All Things Creative

Being nicknamed by friends and colleagues as “Creative Genius” I would have to say that my ability to come up with musical compositions, stage productions, video content, websites, branding materials, event concepts, marketing campaigns and mobile app concepts, all leads to the fact that CREATIVITY is my strong point.

Along with CREATIVITY my next best attribute is EXECUTION. Whatever idea that I create, I immediately execute.  Rather it’s a song or a startup venture – it is thought of, written, planned, organized and executed immediately.  This mindset has helped me become the serial entrepreneur that I am today. What good is an idea that remains in your head?  The key to success is proper EXECUTION!

  • Event Planning and Promotion
  • Music Management and Development
  • App Development
  • Coaching & Public Speaking



Pretty Good


Language skills

Being able to speak multiple languages is not only fun but extremely beneficial when it comes to business negotiations, speaking engagements and customer interactions.

Fluent English

Business Spanish

Basic Manderin


With a background in music, entertainment, marketing, events and stage production…my knowledge has grown deeply over the years.  Now that I’m in the technology industry, I’m currently gaining knowledge in all things tech via programming classes, online data science courses and mobile analytics mentors.

  • Event Planning
  • Event Promotion
  • Artist Management
  • Music Publishing
  • Wordpress Site Development
  • App Concept Development
  • Data/Marketing Science
  • R Programming
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Marketing Content Creation
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Product Management
My Featured Work

My Portfolio

My Portfolio

New list of past and current works coming soon!

Check them out!



Startup Management Coach: Coaches CEO's on the foundations of launching a startup, managing a team, leading, guiding, hiring, firing, motivating and giving feedback.

Anamaria Nino-Murcia

Management Coach

Thomas coaches students and mentors on the subjects of Six Sigma, Data Science, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.

Thomas Hopper

Data Scientist

CEO of the Nashville EC and a Startup Advisor guiding young entrepreneurs through the process of developing business models, competitive analysis and growth strategies.

Michael Brody-Waite


Art is the Co-Founder and COO of Velocity Vue and also an advisor who guides startups through the process of concept development, revenue modeling and sales growth.

Art Trevethan

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Availability Calendar

Availability Calendar
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